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some new dresses, some old dresses

Mr. Diorable just photographed some of my dresses.  I’m glad we did it when we did because now they are completely tearing up the roof behind me!  News about some of my pieces being on sale in SF coming soon….

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fun fotos madrid summer 2009

I just found all these super fun photos my friend and I took in Madrid last summer. Strange how a year ago I was living so far away…

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Paper Collage Trees

My students did such an amazing job on their first project.  They are just learning the basic concepts of collage.  I wanted to them to focus on the ways to cut paper and how to choose various types of paper.  There is everything from bus tickets to flyers to receipts used in these collages.  We talked about the function of paper, different types of paper, where we find paper and how we can reuse paper for art.  They spent time sketching their preferred tree (they had a page of tree shapes to give them some ideas) and they cut and applied the paper however they wanted.  If you would like my lesson plan, just email and I would be happy to share.
My students are ages 8-12 and they are from various Spanish-speaking countries.  It is really great to teach them and do it in Spanish.  Yay.

the most amazing clothing swap

My friend had a clothing swap the other day and not only is this the best idea ever, but I found so many fabulous things!!  I got dresses, blazers, purses, more dresses, skirts, ahhhh so much stuff!

Thanks everyone who participated!

Scarlet Diva

Despite it’s obvious shortcomings (being a movie about a lonely actress that wants to make her own movie…directed, written and starring the one and only Asia, daughter of Dario, Argento) I really liked it.  It was playing at the Yerba Buena Center for the arts and I was one of maybe ten people in the audience.  The religious allusions were weak and confusing, but the cinéma vérité cinematography was pretty successful for me.  I think I was a bit swayed because my favorite Italian word is cazzo and all the characters said cazzo many times, which made me happy.